…on Robin Anderson’s Coaching

“Robin Anderson has helped me identify and change self-limiting thoughts and behavior patterns so that I can step more fully into the life I’ve envisioned. Like any good athletic coach, she offers the perfect balance of challenge and encouragement. Robin has a gift for asking just the right questions and setting tasks that stimulate deep growth and change, while infusing each session with warmth, wisdom, and humor. I have found working with Robin to be a very powerful process! If you’re ready to get on with the business of living your dreams, you’ve come to the right place!”  ~ Gretchen C., NC

“My experience with Robin Anderson has shown her to be an astonishingly effective Life Coach. Robin immediately got to the heart of my problem by asking me the most pertinent questions. It was amazing what she helped me to discover about myself in the shortest amount of time. Her intuition is uncanny and her ability to understand the female psyche is phenomenal. In one short session I found that she was able to grasp my vulnerabilities and help me to face them with compassion and honesty. That by itself was phenomenal, but the homework she assigned to me, garnered from my own words, helped to solidify the solution. I would highly recommend Robin for any woman needing some support in finding her inner power, or wanting to lead a more joyous, fulfilling life.”  ~ Bonnie D., Albuquerque, NM

I had such a great experience with Robin Anderson, thanks to her creative and thought-provoking  activities. I have been a long-time advocate for positive visualization and a believer in social constructionism, so Robin’s approach really resonated for me. I had been paralyzed by years of workplace discontent and devaluing. Robin was able to break through my excuses barrier and prompt me to engage. I needed to decide what next step would make the best sense and take it. Robin helped me to do that.”  ~ Michele, State College

“I have been so impressed with Robin Anderson and her coaching work. The good news is that she really given me that ‘shot in the arm’ that I’ve needed to begin — which is huge. I will continue to make my goals and track my progress, as I do think that is helpful.”
~ Christine H., Ph.D. candidate

“Robin Anderson helped me learn through our coaching sessions that taking time for myself is a daily necessity so I’m better able to care for others. I’ve clarified my values and priorities so I can say “no” with certainty. And, I feel so much happier about my home life and work. The real me is back!”  ~ AM, State College, PA

“Life coaching with Robin is an amazingly uplifting experience that everyone can benefit from! Robin helps you look deep into who you REALLY are, who you are PROJECTING you are, and who you WANT to become… then helps you figure out the steps to get there! It’s a wonderful, self-empowering feeling when you learn to unlock the answers. She’s knowledgeable, insightful, and guides you in a positive, exciting way; she will always be successful at helping people on their journey. Everything can be figured out, and Robin can guide you in the right direction! Sometimes all you need is a plan, a little confidence, and some motivation to open up great doors for yourself; she does this and so much more!” ~ Nikki Foxx, Penn State

“Robin Anderson has really been a help to me on some levels that perhaps she could not predict. I think just having the reassurance in the back of my mind that someone is on my side makes me approach life situations differently. Maybe not in huge earth shattering ways, but enough to influence my life in positive ways. I have always felt that I could do great things if people backed me.” ~ Laura M, central PA

“Before I had a Robin Anderson as my life coach I used to bottle things up and be stuck in overwhelm. I rarely do that now because I recognize I have a choice in how happy I feel. Today I deal with things then quickly move on to make room in life for the things I consciously choose.” ~ Amanda M., PA

I participated in coaching sessions with Robin Anderson and have come to realize some negative words and thoughts I have spoken often to myself have had an impact on me over many years. Words affect one’s whole approach to life and what we come to expect of it. The sessions have brought insight, power, and motivation into my life. I really would have benefited greatly to have had this type of coaching available at an earlier stage in my years. But, having said that, it’s never to late to improve in any area in your life when you have an encouraging word and someone that will hold you accountable.”
~ GAV from PA

Robin Anderson‘s ability to thoughtfully guide me through various personal and professional life situations is always done with the utmost sensitivity. She has made me realize that as each of us try to find our own pathway through struggles and challenges, having someone to help us find the safe shore in a storm can make things more manageable.” ~ JA, Pennsylvania

“A decade-long practitioner of yoga and meditation, I was seeking a life coach who could guide me into even greater depths of exploration of myself and my life. As a Coactive Coach, Robin Anderson opened my awareness through insightful and challenging questions. In the moments of pause for reflection, she tapped within me an inner awareness that I had never experienced. As a result, I found the confidence to take steps forward in a time of transition that dynamically affected both the personal and professional aspects of my life. Life is a transition. I look forward to incorporating Robin’s gift of coaching into my repetoire of total health and well being. ~Namaste!”
~ Heather Bayer, RYT
Yogini / Founder ABBA YOGA

“At a time when I was unsure of my direction, Robin Anderson provided me context for where I was, where I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. Through her feedback and individual attention, I became more purposeful in my actions. Robin’s coaching empowered me to recognize and move beyond my self-imposed limitations. I grew professionally with her guidance, support and encouragement. As I tried new approaches and challenged myself, good things happened.”
~ CL, IT professional, central PA

“Robin Anderson is an absolutely fabulous coach and I think her newsletters are inspiring…motivational…uplifting…well, you get the point. She is one of those rare individuals that just ‘Gets it’!!!!” ~ Leigh Ana Amerson, LA


…on Robin Anderson’s Reclaim Your Power workshops

“Choosing to take back my life has meant taking back my power to say “Yes” or “No” to the opportunities that present themselves to me in positive ways.  Robin Anderson, thank you for being there to share and hold that most sacred of places with me.”  ~ CQ, Santa Fe, NM

“Robin Anderson’s workshop confirmed for me that I’m really not alone (in seeking my power) and there are several types of people all in the process of working towards trying to be in a better mental place. This workshop renewed my hope in (myself) and humanity.” ~ MT, Albuquerque, NM

“As a result of Robin Anderson’s workshop, Reclaim Your Power: become who you were meant to be, I now realize more clearly the dramatic impact my “unconscious” choices have on my life.” ~ Rachel L., Penn State

“The greatest benefit I took away from Robin Anderson’s Reclaim Your Power workshop was the time for self-reflection and greater understanding of how to manage my perceived limitations. I feel now like I am capable of taking responsibility for changing things rather than being a victim of circumstances.” ~ Megan K, Penn State

“I now know that it’s okay to have my own power! I’ve known it’s been there and now I have been taught how to channel it when I use it. Thank you, Robin Anderson.” ~ Jacqueline T., Penn State

“I have a better sense of my values, more confidence and I’m motivated to be my best self. I now view my personal power as something that is in my control. I know how to quiet my inner critic and be more confident.” ~ Kerrie F., Penn State

“I have found words to describe how I have been feeling – that there is concreteness to my unhappiness and yet I can now see how to make a path forward—where before I wandered aimlessly.” ~ Meghan, Penn State

“Learning about my power leaks was eye opening and I now know how to kick the inner critic to the curb.” ~ AB, Penn State

“Gave me the feeling that I can attain more and accomplish those things I have been hedging on.” ~ Darla H., Penn State

“There was a difficult decision I needed to make in my life and this workshop gave me the confidence to know I could make that decision! I learned not to let my own personal fears stand in my way.” ~ Kim R., Penn State

“The greatest benefit to me was a sense of clarity and appreciation for myself!” ~ CC, Penn State


…on Robin Anderson’s Workshops & Retreats

“I went to Robin Anderson’s Finding Balance workshop feeling overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. I left feeling empowered and encouraged to take charge of my life! The goals I set during the session are always in the back of my mind and I don’t procrastinate any more. Wow, what a difference this has made for me!” ~ Kathy, Bellefonte, PA

“Thank you again, Robin Anderson, for all your insight shared and deep questions presented during our planning for retirement classes these past 4 weeks. It has given me a lot to think about on all fronts and having that knowledge can only be beneficial to me as I look ahead to determine when I will be able to retire.”  ~ Carla N., State College, PA

“The greatest benefit to me from Robin Anderson’s Values-Based Scheduling retreat was a sense of clarity and appreciation for myself!”  ~ CC, central PA

“Your workshop on finding balance in life was terrific. I felt re-energized heading back to the office. Thanks for the energy boost – it was better than a cup of joe.”  ~ Janice, Penn State University