Letting Go of Ties to the Past


If I’m not the same person I was a few years ago, then why do I continue to hold on to objects that were important to me then? It makes sense that I would be finding importance in new things, and that the old things should become less and less significant to me as time goes on and I change more.

~Anais Nin


I’ve been swapping out summer clothes for the warmer sweaters, leggings, and socks. Yup, summer is over, although midday still teases with temperatures in the 60’s.


And this has given me the opportunity to reconsider what I’m keeping and what will be going to a consignment shop and Goodwill.

Do I really need those shorts that I have to jam myself into? How about all of those “casual Friday” combinations that are no longer necessary for my lifestyle? And dressy shoes? In my cowboy state?

All of these, and more, have by-gone days written all over them. And yet they didn’t make the cut when I did the ritual warm weather clothes swap last Fall.

Why did I keep them?

One reason was “just in case.” As in, just in case I’d take a high-level job again. Or, just in case I needed to get really dressed up. Or, just in case I lost that weight that keeps hanging around my midsection.


If I’m really honest with myself I know these things will never happen again. And yet I cling to the possibilities.

I think what I’m afraid to let go of are my ties to the past. Because they represent parts of me, good times, memories, who I was.

And yet, these things don’t represent who I am right now. They are relics. Souvenirs, if you will. 

My past is not who I am now. True it helped me become who I am at this moment, and I’m grateful for that. But nostalgia can weigh me down. Hanging onto the past keeps me tied to what was and stifles my forward motion toward who I am becoming.

I plan to find importance in new things. Again and again.

How about you? 

Your Call to Action

What do you hold onto that ties you to your past? How might these things be hindering your forward progress? Why is it important that old things become less and less significant as you move through your life?

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