Let It Flow! Let It Flow! Let It Flow!

“How can you follow the course of your life

if you do not let it flow?”


Imagine a river running toward the sea. Water rushing and eddies forming, spilling over rock, creating miniature waterfalls. Sometimes

slowing, deceptively appearing still, or rippling slightly in response to a breeze.

But always flowing onward, toward an unseen destination.

Our lives are like this, too.

We have no conception of our final destination, nor the length, or even depth of our river. We can get sidetracked into eddies, ever spinning, digging deeper and deeper, gouging out pieces of our foundation. These eddies can trap debris, which stagnates, separating us from the life source.

Sometimes our lives are scurrying forward, spilling over the obstacles in our way. We may gain alarming speed, seemingly surging out of control. Other times our flow creates a mist, allowing us to share parts of ourselves over a wider area.

There are times when our calm surface belies the turmoil hidden below. And yet, we continue to flow onward, keeping our secret from view.

Occasionally our river is dappled by sunshine, causing light to dance and bounce off surfaces beyond ourselves. Now and then we are pelted by a rainstorm, clouding our water, yet adding new elements to our greater whole. There may be narrow passages which we try mightily to push through. Sometimes we allow ourselves to gloriously break free into wide expanses of breathtaking beauty. We absorb the garbage dumped into us. We freeze, we widen, we contract.

And yet…onward we flow, ever heading to the larger body of water somewhere in the unseen distance, joining the whole at a time known only by the Universe.

What’s going on with your river? How freely is it flowing?

What if you gave up the fight, the need to steer, and just enjoyed the ride?

Me? I’m just rollin’…rollin’…rollin’ down the riv-uh…


Your Call to Action

If you examined the metaphorical river of your life, what would you find? Where are the eddies? When does your surface appear to be calm and yet there is churn in the deeper parts of yourself? Where are you pushing to get through? How accepting are you of the storms, recognizing what they add to your flow ? When was the last time you kicked back and truly appreciated the breathtaking beauty all around you?


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