What You Leave Behind

The only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind.

~ John Allston


A few days ago my husband and I serendipitously found the Santa Ana Pueblo open to visitors. This was an opportunity waiting to be explored. And to our delight we discovered that the Pueblo residents were performing a ceremonial dance. Perfect.

redhead woman in gray background smallI was struck by the sense of community and the beauty of the dance even though I didn’t understand its significance. What really caught my attention were the tiny children, perhaps 3-4 years old, partaking in the dance. They wore the same expressions as their elders and their attention was truly focused on their participation. They knew this was important.

In the midst of the steady drumbeat I began to think about what we pass along to those we leave behind. These Pueblo parents were ensuring that the benefits of this prayerful dance would continue to make their world a better place.

I believe that each and every one of us have been put where we are on this planet because that’s where we can do good, where we can make a difference.

I’m not talking about making changes on a global scale. I mean enriching the lives of those who come into contact with us.

None of us will probably ever win the Nobel Peace Prize, cure hunger in the world or eliminate major diseases. But don’t let these facts lead you down the path of insignificance and hopelessness

We are more powerful that we give ourselves credit for. Individually we can add positive energy to the world by recognizing our unique purpose, the personal gifts we have to offer, and then gratefully sharing them with those who touch our lives.

And here’s the really cool thing: when we make the effort to share our talents and abilities with others, we will enrich our own lives

So…what are you waiting for?


Your Call to Action:

What are 2 of your unique gifts? How might you enrich the lives of those around you today by sharing them? How will these gifts contribute to making the world a better place?

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