June 7 ♥ What’s in Your Reflection?

Think back over the past week and select several things that happened to you. First notice: were there more “good” or “bad” memories? That alone should be an indication of how you view your world.

everything that happens to youDid you remember the things that were less than what you had desired, made you mad, caused you upset, or were painful? Or, did you recall joyful, fulfilling, fun or successful actions?

What’s going on here?

Our perspective has a major impact on how we view life and the things that happen. We can choose to view the world in a positive light — or not. And this correlates to how we perceive our own self-worth.

When you approach a situation, do you think, “I’ll be OK no matter what happens.” Or do you “hope for the best but expect the worst.”? Do you label things that happen to you as problems or opportunities?

The way we look at life is an immediate reflection of how we view our place in the world, our power, and our self-esteem.

If we respect ourselves, possess self-confidence and trust in our ability to land on our feet no matter what, we become resilient to the events in our lives. Things no longer happen “to” us. We lose the victim mentality because we are strong and self-assured, and because we consciously choose our reactions.

Opportunities appear, and “problems” become challenges to learn from and overcome.

With self-respect you know what you will and will not accept in your life. You are certain that you can determine your path in life, ignoring the voices of the naysayers. You strongly believe in your own power, which gives you tenacity and courage. From this viewpoint, anything is possible!


Now It’s Your Turn

Notice your self-talk for the next week. Where do you: Put yourself down? Compare yourself to others? Deny your true abilities? Dilute compliments? In each of these cases, reframe your self-talk and state your truth and act like you believe it. Say to yourself something like, “No, that’s not true, I really can…” and state the positive. After receiving a compliment say, “I really am … “ (and fill in the same words from the compliment). Notice how changing your self-talk affects you.

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