June 29 ♥ Have You Set the Real YOU Free?

Have you set the real you free? Or are you stuck in presenting an image that is more likely to please others?

we have to dare to be ourselvesFar too often we automate our people-pleasing mode because we’re not comfortable in our own skin. The internal voices swirl: “If they saw the real me, they’d turn away.” “I just want to be like them.” “I can’t be what they want me to be.”

Notice that all of these thoughts are outward focussed — as if we’re seeking validation from outside ourselves. As if other people’s opinions are more important than our own. Or that it’s more important to be accepted by others than by ourselves.

So, we tamp down our own personality, mute our strong points, and try to conform. We wear the plain, tailored blouse when the wild, loud, blotchy-printed top is so much more us.

And yet there is the tiniest voice inside that keeps saying, “Please let out the real me. Being otherwise is just so exhausting and phony.”

So here’s the deal: you don’t have to make the world like you or validate you. You have nothing to prove! You just need to trust that most people will like you just as you are. And, well, some just won’t.

But that’s not your problem. It’s theirs.

It’s more important to be genuine, true to yourself, authentic — the real YOU. It takes less energy. And comes from a place of believing, “I am enough.” So, be bold, celebrate who you are and luxuriate in your uniqueness.

Oh, and if you want to wear a hot pink boa to a meeting – go for it if that’s who you really are!


Now It’s Your Turn

In what situations do you hide the real you? What fear is holding you back from being authentic? How can you be a bit bolder and crack open the door just a bit to let out the real you?

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