July 29 ♥ Owning Your Story

I love Brené Brown and her wonderful words of wisdom. Based on her quote, today’s wisdom is about owning your story. The whole story. Not just the good bits.

All of it.

Because without all of the details, you wouldn’t be who you are right now. If you leave out the drama, the failures, the lost opportunities or the lost love, you’re missing the wisdom of those lessons.if you own this story

Now, I’m not saying plaster all of these not-so-good bits on billboards across the country. But quietly acknowledge that they are part of your story. Even if there’s pain, loss or regret associated with them.

This is how you got to be the YOU of today. You are wiser, stronger, more compassionate, more whatever, because of the details of your life.

A caution: this is not permission to wallow in the should’ve’s of yester year. But a chance to recognize what has made you uniquely you.

And knowing all of these not-so-good bits, plus all of the juicy, that-was-so-wonderful bits, you can walk forward and begin to write the ending of your story – on your terms.

You’ve got a wealth of experiences. Use that wisdom. And rejoice that you are the only one who gets to choose how the story will end.

Now it’s your turn:

What not-so-happy bit are you glad to have had in your life? What was the lesson you learned from that experience? How did that make you who you are today?

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