July 20 ♥ Why You’re NOT Selfish

I know that “selfish” is a loaded word for many of us. Too often we tangle it up with self-care, thinking that they’re synonyms. And we want to be anything but selfish.Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

Long ago we were encouraged to perfect our nurturing side during our childhood years and so now taking care of others is just our knee jerk reaction. And, of course, if we’re constantly attending to the needs of others, we have little time for ourselves.

And what’s the effect of that choice?

Exhaustion. Crankiness. Short tempers.

I know you get this.

And yet that word, selfish, lurks in the background and gets in the way. Because if you don’t do the nurturing, the care of others, who will?

It’s time to sharpen our understanding of the S-word.

Being selfish is all a matter of degree. Here’s what Merriam-Webster says, “taking care of one’s own comfort, pleasure, or interest excessively or without regard for others.

We so often miss that very important detail.

Honestly, does that sound like you? Being overindulgent with yourself?

That’s not what you’re about. You want to be there for others. You want to be generous. You truly want to nurture.

Thinking only of yourself is just NOT in your nature. You really don’t know how to be “selfish” in the dictionary sense.

Let’s agree that we’re not being selfish when we devote time to care for ourselves. Because who knows better how to meet our own needs? To restore us, to replenish our batteries, to show love for ourselves.

So, get over the idea that self-care somehow takes away from helping others. And you’ll reap the ultimate gift: you’ll be better equipped to make choices and take action from a place of sanity and centeredness.


Now it’s Your Turn

Make a list of 25 ways you would love to nurture yourself. Pull out your calendar and schedule at least one a day for the coming two weeks. Then stand in front of your mirror and pledge that you will replenish yourself daily (even if the wash doesn’t get done!)

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