It’s YOU Again?

Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.

~ William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


An old friend dropped in to see me last week. The visit was totally unexpected and threw me off my rhythm. But like every good little girl, I invited it in.

Bad habits die hard…

So, who was the friend? Ah, my Inner Critic, who came uninvited, and caused all sorts of self-doubt to consume me.

Yes, I know. I’m a life coach and I help women deal with their Inner Critics all the time. But when it comes to my Inner Critic…I sometimes falter. And last week was a big-time nosedive out of self-confidence into self-doubt.

And that perspective clouded not only my perception of my skills but also impacted my relationships with family and friends.

In short, I was tied up in knots, feeling totally inadequate, believing everything my Inner Critic was telling me. <sigh>

What had emboldened my Inner Critic to rise from the dead? I was getting ready to head in a new direction, to build my business networks in New Mexico. I had been so excited—before the actual networking events—looking forward to meeting energetic, successful women entrepreneurs.

And then there was that knock on the door. <insert scary movie soundtrack>

Hello, I’m here to remind you that it’s really risky to try something this huge. These women are all much better entrepreneurs that you’ll ever hope to be. They have firmly established businesses, something you’ll never be able to do. They already know one another, so why would they want to add you to their circle?”

Well, you get the idea. It was bleak. It pushed all my buttons. Self-doubt loomed large. And I began to work harder and longer, just to quell the voice in my head. Which, of course, led to my being crabby, overly stressed and unwilling to spend time with my spouse or connect with friends.

I was not pleasant to be around.

All of this because I believed a voice within my head! btw, I finally figured out that it was the uncertainty about becoming part of the groups that was overwhelming me. It was an old childhood replay: I wasn’t chosen to be in the “cool” girls’ club in high school.

Eventually I regained my sanity. I remembered the cycle I generally follow when I’m trying something new: I get really excited about the idea, my self-confidence soars, I begin working the bugs out of the idea, and then I am beset with enormous self-doubt, wanting to chuck the whole thing. I wallow for a while in this place and then my, “Oh, yeah?!” attitude kicks in and I move forward.

I throttled my self-doubt by recalling all of the times I’ve challenged myself and succeeded! And I recognized that while my Inner Critic was trying to protect me from something it believed could hurt or disappoint me, it also was stifling the pursuit of my dreams.

I realized that I had control over this voice. So I chose to silence it! I consciously hit the mute button in my head. ZAP! Tyranny begone!

By taming my Inner Critic my perspective changed. And I opened the door to possibilities.


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Your Call to Action

What situation causes your Inner Critic to awaken? What does it say to you then? What would change if you replied, “Oh, yeah?! Just because you say that doesn’t mean it’s true!” or “Who cares?” So, what will you do, how will you be, or what will you remember to keep your Inner Critic at bay?

And here are some ways to dispose of your Inner Critic:

  • Open the toilet lid and flush that sucker down
  • Lock it in a soundproof room
  • Send it on a yearlong around-the-world vacation
  • Imagine wearing sound blocking headphones keyed to the Critic’s voice
  • and…let your devilish creativity flow (mwa-ha-ha)!


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