Infinite Possibilities

I was an early subscriber of ®Tut — Notes from the Universe, daily inspirational messages from © ®. Mike Dooley, the author of these wonderful messages, published a book last fall, Infinite Possibilities, with the premise that “Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!

I’ve enjoyed getting the daily booster shot, and I appreciate the uncanny applicability to my life. I’ve often called these messages my horoscope on steroids.

So, yesterday I was cruising the public library “new book” shelves, waiting for “the” book to call out to me. (I find some of my best books this way.) The magic was working, and Mike’s book said, “You need this.”

Hmmmm. OK, I was receptive.

Later in the afternoon I skimmed through the table of contents and read many of Mike’s quotations generously sprinkled throughout the book. I was interested and would get back to actually reading the pages, eventually.

I went about my business, had dinner, and headed off to a meeting. As I drove into the parking lot I was thinking about how I really missed seeing two people who had been part of the group months ago.

omg – when I walked into the meeting location, there they were!

I know the skeptics in the crowd will likely label this “coincidence” but I don’t live in a world of coincidence. I believe Mike Dooley’s view of life:

“Look around at the material things of your life and realize that what you are seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and feeling are your thoughts that have been manifested.”

So, what are your thoughts manifesting?

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