If not now, when?

I ran across this question during the past week. Isn’t interesting how the Universe sends the most appropriate message, just when you need it?

Now that my house has sold, I’m in the throes of all of the details involved in moving.  And I’ve found myself thinking, on way too many occasions, “As soon as X happens then I’ll be able to Y.”

As in, “As soon as I get everything packed, then I’ll be able to find time for myself.” Or, “I’ll begin work on that second book once things settle down.”

There are some assumptions going on here. I’m believing that conditions have to be right for certain things to happen; that life is somehow going to dramatically change and there will be more hours in day; and that I can control all of the variables in my life.

You would think that at my age and with all of my life experiences, I would know better! <sigh>

Why am I putting off what I want? What magic do I expect will happen once all of the planets are aligned?

Ah, another wake-up call: I cannot put off my dreams, needs and desires until…whatever. There will never be a “perfect time”. That’s just my excuse to delay taking action. It’s a way of blaming forces outside of myself instead of taking responsibility for what happens next.

Bottom line: my “when” is now.

—I’m puttin’ on my fancy pants, and steppin’ out


“Action expresses priorities.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

Your Call to Action:

What’s something important to you that you’ve wanted to do or be? How has, “Yes, but” been holding you back from taking the first step forward? Take a deep breath, and exhale, breathing out the excuses. Inhale again and imagine energy filling you, propelling you to begin now.




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