Hello, Self. I Love You.

It’s not worth our while to let our imperfections disturb us always.”
― Henry David Thoreau

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Imperfections? We all have ‘em.

Yup. This is true of celebrities, leaders, our friends and family members. Even George Clooney has imperfections—although I think I might be hard-pressed to list many for him.

Oops… back on message. Everyone has imperfections.

Some of us complain that our hips are too broad. Or we want a bigger or smaller bra size. We’ve got wrinkles, thick waists, or no athletic ability. We’re afraid to speak in public or we chatter on endlessly because we’re nervous. Oh, yeah.

We get hung up on “If only I was… “ and sigh longingly. We concentrate on what we lack, seeing only our faults. We’re so hard on ourselves.

Bottom line: fear is driving us. We’re afraid that we’re inadequate, believing that people won’t like us for who really are. So we beat up on ourselves because we’ve convinced ourselves that we are somehow lacking—as compared to others.

And just who’s keeping this master scorecard?

As Walt Kelly, creator of the Pogo cartoon strip, says, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” We’re the ones doing this to ourselves.

Granted, the media and TV ads make it extremely easy to fall into this trap. And we so willingly listen, feeding our dissatisfaction of who we are right now!

But if we choose to listen, we can also choose to ignore. There’s power in that statement!

A friend offered a very appropriate phrase at her recent workshop, “Compare means despair.”

How true. We can choose to stop comparing and embrace the person we are right now. Because we are beautiful, just the way we are. There are people who love us, as we are. The world needs us, as we are right now, because we have unique gifts to offer.

So when that critical voice makes a powerful entrance, what can you do? Try ignoring it. Or say, “That’s really not true!” Consider naming 3 things you do love about yourself. What about looking in the mirror and saying, “That’s what I used to think!”

Your Call to Action

What do you love about yourself? (name at least 25 things, extra credit for listing 50) Then scan your list and make sure you haven’t listed only physical characteristics! How will you keep these items forefront in your mind? How can you use knowledge of these wonderful things you know about yourself when you go to the place of criticism?


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  1. Thanks for this reminder, Robin! Today I sent a message to someone and noticed a mistake in it, and it made me smile 🙂 So glad I’m human and can make mistakes! xoxo