What are YOU doing with what you’ve got?

I recently read this question, and it got me thinking.

My go-to mode is usually, “What do I want more of?” I’m pretty good at taming the materialistic answer to that question, so I often think, “more joy, more fun, more just being time.”

But, “What am I doing with what I’ve got?” This question gave me pause.

First I had to assess what I’ve got: a lovely house in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth; a life where I control the pace; a business that is just the right size for me; loving friends, family and 2 cats; an adventurous spirit; a huge curiosity about life; happiness coupled with resiliency; and much, much more.

OK, so I’ve got a lot. (Note to self: find ways to be more grateful.)

eyeball on carAnd then I got something I wasn’t expecting: a fender bender that was totally my fault. And the world turned dark, and I berated myself for my lack of focus, and all I could see was the negative. And woe is me became my mantra.

And, yet…Was anyone hurt? No. Was the other person going to file a claim? No. Was this a major life event? No. Still, my self-talk was on a downward spiral.

Then a friend suggested that I put lipstick on my car’s dented fender.

And immediately the impish gleam re-appeared in my eye. Oooooh, this has possibilities…

So, what did I do with what I’ve got? I took brilliantly bright turquoise duct tape and made a large eyeball using the dent as my guide. A good start but it needed more…oomph.

So I added lots of strips of eyelashes. Then I decided to curl them outward to create a 3-D effect. “What the hell,” I thought, the body shop was going to repaint anyway, so I added black permanent marker as eyeliner and mascara.

Then I stood back and looked at my handiwork. And the first thing I noticed was that I was laughing about the dent. I was grinning even though my nearly brand new car had a large imperfection.

And my whole perspective over the accident shifted.

I took what I’d gotten and I consciously decided to do something different with it. I turned an accident into something fun. And that made all the difference!

So, my question to you is, what are YOU doing with what you got?

Your Call to Action:

Think of a recent, unexpected something that you got. What was your first reaction? How did shame, blame, and negative thoughts show themselves? What different perspective might you have taken?

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