Got Enough?

Many of us have just enjoyed a holiday dedicated to thankfulness. We have shared our gratitude while gathered ’round the dinner table. We have offered thanks for what we have in our lives and for the bounty of the harvest. We have appreciated what is right before us.

And, yet…

Many of us have raced to the midnight and pre-dawn sales, seeking, wanting, and perhaps even lusting after something that we don’t yet have. We hurry to have more. Our focus shifts from one of contentment to the frenzy of acquiring. The earlier sense of gratitude has disappeared, relegated to one special day a year.

And, yet…

What if we declared that we have enough? What if we took a stand and declared that our needs have been met? Our wants may still be spinning out of control, but our needs have been met. How would this perspective shift our relationship to what we currently have in our lives?

Your call to action:

Each day for the coming week, take time to identify 5 things that you are grateful for, and write them down. One caveat: you cannot repeat any item in your gratitude list. At the end of the week notice what has changed for you. How does the world look from here? What if you repeated this exercise every day for a month?




Got Enough? — 3 Comments

  1. We truly have so much to be thankful for I don’t see how we could repeat anything if we did this for a week. Really good message Robin. I am very grateful for your insights!

  2. I just went to the Alternative Christmas Fair at UBB for the first time. I donated to charities for family and the girls at the office. I tried to get charities each person could relate to and would feel good about. It sure made me feel great and I guess I was being pushed in that direction, because they have had the fair for a long time and this is the first time I realised it was there 🙂