Good News!

Long ago, in one of my previous iterations as an employee, my supervisor shared with me her secret for pulling herself out of a slump. She had created an on-going Good News file, a special, personal file that she used to save memorable compliments.

At the time I thought this was a pretty corny idea. I mean, I was a fresh face in corporate America, didn’t really know the culture, and thought I’d never be in a position where this would have relevance for me.

<cue the calendar pages rapidly flipping by>

As I began to stick my head out of my corporate foxhole, I discovered that the politics of the bureaucracy could ding me. There were days when I just couldn’t do things right. And all I wanted to do was retreat to my closet at home.

And then I received a wonderful email from a significantly higher up co-worker, congratulating me on my “above and beyond” attitude. Wow, I was noticed.

It was then that I remembered my supervisor’s habit of saving these kinds of things

So I made my own Good News file—and have kept at it ever since. That file has migrated from a meager, slim file folder to 2 expanding accordion-type containers, which I have been adding to for more than 26 years! I still find material to contribute to this treasured file even now as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Now whenever I need a pick-me-up, a validation of my skills, or just a fond smile, I turn to my Good News file.

It never fails me.

Your Call to Action:

Any time you receive a compliment in the next week, record it. You can use a journal, print an email, or post it on a bulletin board. It’s important that you capture it in some manner so use your creativity. Then choose a specific time at the end of the week to review what you have gathered.

Once you complete your review, pause and notice how you feel. What has changed for you? How does the world look from here? If you told a friend about this activity, what might you share?


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