Flexing Your “Oh, yeah?” Muscle

All daring comes from within.

~ Eudora Welty


I’ve had several clients and friends wonder how I’m able to take so many risks. They usually ask with such awe in their voices.

Well, let me share some secrets with you.I wasn’t born this way, it’s become an acquired taste.
Growing up, if someone told me I couldn’t do something, I’d go to great lengths to prove them wrong. I was taunted with “girls can’t”, which only spurred me onward. 

Looking back, I recognize that most often those experiences

were harmless dares. What I now realize is that they were my baby steps to try even tougher challenges, which certainly built up my “Oh, yeah?” muscle.

Over the years I’ve kept upping the ante. At the age of 60 I spent 4 days on a solo fast deep in the canyons of Utah. And I just completed a journey from my home of 25 years, traveling 1800 miles to a completely new environment where I know 2 people.

I wear the “gutsy” moniker proudly.

So, what about you? How have you been building your “Oh, yeah?” muscle?

And, just as a reminder, you don’t have to go to the lengths that others have done, but you DO need to step out of your comfort zone. Baby steps, if necessary.

Wherever you fall on the guts-o-meter, I know you’ve an even stronger woman on the inside – you just need to set her free, step by step, until outrageous, bold and courageous things look easy!

Your Call to Action

What baby steps – or leaps! – can you take this week to take you beyond your limits? Maybe it’s to try a new kind of food – eels, anyone? Perhaps you plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been or you get a tattoo! How would your life change if you upped your gutsiness? How would the world look to you from there?


livin’ outside of da box…


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