February 24 ♥ Make It a Point to Show Appreciation

How often have you taken the time to express appreciation for something that someone has done?

Or maybe jealousy intervened, leaving you feeling that someone else’s accomplishment somehow took something away from you?

appreciation is a wonderful thingWell that certainly is a common perspective. But it comes from a scarcity viewpoint. It they win, I lose.

But what if we made it a point to appreciate the good that happens to others? Or the good that we see in them?

What difference would that make?

I can say from personal experience that verbally recognizing the good I see in others — appreciating them — helps to build strong relationships. A simple statement beginning, “I appreciate that <insert their behavior here>”, leads to greater connection, to bridge building, to trust.

When we genuinely praise others for their accomplishments or for what they are doing right, we help to lift them up. Essentially we’re saying, “You’re important enough for me to notice what you’ve done.” And that increases their respect for us – a potentially selfish outcome, but less so if we honestly and authentically offer appreciation.

Ultimately, showing appreciation helps to make the world a better place. And we need that now, more than ever, right?


Now It’s Your Turn

Express your appreciation for someone every day in the coming week. Here are some ideas to get you started: a gi-normous hug, a handwritten thank you note, a surprise compliment, a public acknowledgement, a really big tip — you get the idea. Each time you show your appreciation, notice what feelings you have about yourself. What are you learning?

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