February 2 ♥ Being in Harmony with Your Spirit

I was reminded of how important harmony with my spirit is as I was completing an exercise for a course I am taking. The gist of the homework was to write for 10 minutes, without pause, answers to the phrase, “I know I am in trouble when…”

Over and over I had to keep writing, without censoring, whatever popped into my head. Ten minutes is a loooooong time when you have to write quickly and steadily for that amount of time.

a woman in harmony with her spiritWhat I discovered was that I really do know what throws me off kilter, because those things appeared over and over again as I wrote. Some obvious ones, of course, were to eat proper meals and exercise and get enough sleep. Just like Mom said.

But, interestingly, what I also discovered is that I need quiet time — no schedule, no to-do items, just being. A time to listen to my heart, to dream, to connect to beauty, to learn who I am at my core.

It’s essential for me, like plugging in my phone everyday. It has to be done or there’s no power. I can’t do what I need to do.

And what I’ve found is that when I lose my harmony and get off-balance, I’m not really pleasant to be around, especially with myself. And I become my worst enemy. Nitpicking at the most minor things.

But when I have a centered and harmonious spirit, my self-confidence soars. And I can present myself fully as I am, with surety and calm. Life just seems to flow more smoothly.

“Harmony in her spirit” — what a wonderful phrase. Maybe it means maintaining serenity, well, most of the time. Perhaps it means practicing self-care, whether there is enough time or not. Maybe it indicates the presence of a spiritual belief system that nurtures and restores.

I’m off to practice my own brand of harmony restoration.


Now It’s Your Turn…

How do you balance commitments and doing the things that bring you into balance? What does harmony in YOUR spirit look like? What can you do, right now, to restore harmony in your life?

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