February 17 ♥ Yes, You Really ARE Creative

I recently gave myself the gift of attending a creativity retreat in the beautiful Taos area of New Mexico. During the weekend our group painted, sketched, wrote, did improv, and listened to a live concert of cello and guitar music. The phenomenally delicious food just added to the sensory delights.

creativity is the quality you bring

I went with a sense of experimentation. I was going to allow my Inner Child full rein. I went determined to p-l-a-y.

And the one thing I didn’t pack was my Inner Critic.

Yes, there were activities that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Yet there was no sense of “not good enough”. After all, we were p-l-a-y-i-n-g, and that took all of the censoring away.

So often I hear others saying that they aren’t creative, as if that were a genetic trait. As if not being another Michelangelo means you can’t wear the label “creative”. Being creative is broader than most people think; it is not limited to the world of the arts.

The truth is, creativity is a process. Sometimes it leads to an end product that others value. Sometimes it leads to new ideas, new things, and new interpretations. And sometimes it leads to crumpled paper, crossed out words, spilled paint, or falling on your face.

The end point is not the point!

As Osho says in his quote, creativity is a quality, a state of being. It’s how you look at things. And in that sense we are all creative beings.

And, as was apparent during the creativity retreat, permission and experimentation were key ingredients to unleashing my creativity. A “what the hell” attitude encouraged me to return home brimming with possibilities — and that’s being creative.


Now It’s Your Turn:

Have you ever told yourself that you’re not creative? What prompted that thought? In reality you HAVE been creative. Where has that occurred?

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