FEAR: an Invitation to No Regrets

“If you don’t have fear in your life somewhere,

you’re going to have regret later on.”

~ Surfer Magazine, Sept., 2012

I know I often write about dealing with the fears that crop up in our lives. And I usually come from the standpoint that we not let fear stand in our way. What’s interesting about this quote is that it is tied to regret. So often I suggest that fear is something to move beyond. That it’s a barrier to be overcome. But what if we look at it differently?

What if we think about fear as a way to keep our juices flowing? As a mechanism to push us beyond what we think is possible? What if we come to believe that fear is a tool to minimize the regrets we will have at the end of our lives?

I mean, who wants to be on their deathbed wallowing in, “I didn’t have the courage to…, If I hadn’t held myself back…, I really missed out on…If I had only realized…”?

It’s the old “woulda, coulda, shoulda” dance. Boring. Predictable. Small.

Fear helps us feel alive! (literally and figuratively)

We are hardwired to be fearful. As primitive creatures on earth, we HAD to be this way because we might easily have died otherwise. We would have had no time for regret!

Fortunately we no longer have saber-toothed tigers to face so we don’t need to be ever watchful. But here’s an important truth: nothing amazing will ever result in our lives, and regret will surely follow, if we allow our fears to hold us back.

This week vow to change your perspective. When you feel the pounding heart or sweaty palms, ask yourself, “What will I REGRET if I give in to my fears?


Your Call to Action

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you regret not having done or been? What has held you back? Who do you need to be to eliminate that possible regret? Promise yourself you will take one action this week to begin the process.






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  1. just when i need to hear it , you say it, sister!!
    🙂 precious you. talk to you soon