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Overwhelmed, exhausted, and sucked dry?

Sound familiar? Or, maybe one of these hit closer to home for you:dreamstime_xs_4799269-300x280

  • Lacking self-confidence to make changes in your life
  • Longing to invite fun back into your vocabulary
  • Thinking that your desires are selfish
  • Shaped by others’ expectations
  • Forgeting how to say “No”
  • Stuck in a really deep rut

You are not alone! Like so many women, you have this deep longing for something to be different in your life. You may not even know what needs to change, but you DO know that something is out of whack!


And yet, you hold back on making any changes… So you come to accept that this is how your life is, and you are left feeling trapped in your life…

Is this any way to go through life?

Maybe you’ve forgotten what you really want in your life and what you truly believe about yourself. Probably you are ever so afraid of being:  a disappointment to someone…all alone…wrong…embarrassed…or selfish…

What if you could rediscover and celebrate the power within you?

I know your pain. I’ve been there, too.  And gratefully those feelings are now a thing of the past. I’ve regained my power, for myself—and for hundreds of other women. I’m a living, breathing role model for taking charge of my life. And I know this is possible for you, too.

I have a simple and effective model to guide you to make real changes in your life—changes that move you forward, at the pace you choose—toward the courageous and powerful person you were meant to be.

Don’t you want to joyously greet each day bursting with energy and delight? Aren’t you really seeking a life that feels more in tune and harmonious? Don’t you desire to feel more empowered and less at the mercy of circumstances? Aren’t you ready to release your most authentic self?

I can help you reclaim your power!

IMG_4549-214x300Hear it from my own mouth… (YouTube video)

Here’s the deal: you are personally invited to my content-packed Reclaim Your Power teleseminar. This SPECIAL FREE GIFT is geared to start you on your journey toward your most powerful and true-to-you self.


water leakLet’s fix those power leaks!!


WHEN: August 21, 9:00 am – 11 a.m.

WHERE:  Hotel Santa Fe, Library Room

During this workshop we’ll get out our wrenches, pliers and plumber’s putty to fix those power leaks!

Learn where you give away your power

—you’re gonna to be surprised by this.

Here’s what you’ll get…

      • tools to supersize your power,
      • permission to say adios to self-imposed limits and
      • clarity on what you do want so you can redefine your life on your terms!

 $22  workshop


$32  workshop a copy of my book:

Reclaim Your Power: become who you were meant to be  

(retail book value = $17.00)

And, don’t forget…

sign up for the Santa Fe Women’s Networking Group luncheon here!

About Robin Anderson…

Robin is a CPC (certified professional coach), a speaker and workshop facilitator.  She says “I find the most joy working 1-on-1 with women who want something more in their lives, who long to re-introduce fun and passion intro their vocabulary and who hunger to reclaim the feeling of being deliciously alive.”

Need more info? Contact Robin here


Does this sound like you?

    • craving a change but unsure where to start?
    • lost your way in the busyness of life?
    • letting personal beliefs hold you back?

How would you like to open the door to your juiciest life?!

happy woman copy

Reclaim Your Power—Redefine Your Life!

During this joint workshop you’ll…

replace your limiting beliefs — awaken to the possibilities — and redefine your life on YOUR terms!

Join us* on August 23, 2:00pm – 4:00 pm at Awaken to Wellness, 1704 Moon St. NE, Suite 9, Albuquerque, NM

What’s in it for you?

Font4RedMed (235) identify where you give away your power
Font4RedMed (235)
clear and shift limiting beliefs
Font4RedMed (235)
clarify what you truly want in life
Font4RedMed (235)
embrace the life of your dreams


star-3Register here 


*Sponsored by:

            Robin Anderson, Chrysalis Life Coach and 

            Rebecca Baines, Theta Healing




FREE Teleseminar

Monday, Monday April 29th

7:00 PM (EST)



I know. You’re already over-committed. So, why should you attend?

here’s what you’ll discover during the teleseminar…

  • 8 ways your power may be leaking—with or without your knowledge.
  • How you may be benefiting from being stuck. Really.
  • A proven method to bring clarity to what you truly want for yourself
  • Ways to overcome your fear of “What if?” and turn it into “Oh, yeah?”
  • Learn to say “No” without the guilt
  • Why accountability increases your ability to make the changes you want
  • The importance of celebrating your progress
  • and best of all…I’ll show you that you really DO have choices…and that you can live your most authentic and wildly audacious life!




reasons why…

#1 I’ll send you a teleseminar handout so that you can put your learning into action immediately.

#2 I’ll give you access to a free gift (worth $21) that will provide encouragement and inspiration for your journey—only available to those attending the live teleseminar.

#3 I’ll tell you how you can supersize your power, say goodbye to your self-imposed limits, and live the life that is waiting for you!


Once you register, you’ll receive the special dial-in phone instructions. And, after the teleseminar you’ll receive access to the free recording of the teleseminar, in case you couldn’t make the call. Even if you don’t attend live—bummer—you’ll still receive the recording link. So, don’t forget to register!



How many more years are you going to wait

to live life on YOUR terms?







May 20 and 27

7:00-8:30 PM (EST)



I now realize more clearly the dramatic impact my “unconscious” choices have on my life.

Rachel L.

Time’s a-wasting. You need to get really clear on what you want in your life—and say it out loud! Right now it may be a fleeting thought. Or, you may have an idea of where you want to be. Maybe you’ve had a glimpse of what might be different, but “if only” holds you back…this fear thing truly gets in the way.

I Need a Power Surge! is guaranteed to help you experience:;

 lasting change, in bite-sized pieces
 progress, at a pace you choose
 inspiration with no pressure
 a refreshing focus on yourself

This self-discovery program has helped hundreds of women kick their Inner Critic to the curb, define what they truly want, and re-write their lives—on their terms!

I Need a Power Surge! learn a simple and effective model to make real changes in your life—changes that move you forward, at the pace you choose—toward the courageous and powerful person you were meant to be.


I have found words to describe how I have been feeling – that there is a concreteness to my unhappiness and yet I can now see how to make a path forward—when before I wandered aimlessly. – Meghan F.


I Need a Power Surge! is a content-packed program—offered in two 90-minute sessions—that will have you redefining your life, with the conviction of personal power, a firm belief in yourself, and the courageto see it through.

This is a kick start to reclaim your power…become who you were meant to be!

Isn’t time to welcome home all of the dreams you stuffed away? The things you would have done if responsibilities hadn’t gotten in the way? To live the life YOU want, NOW, because who wants to have regrets? It’s time to stop worrying about what others think of you. To firmly believe that taking care of you is not selfish.

You know, we women have a habit of piling on responsibilities, of under promoting ourselves, of neglecting our own needs. Time to say, “Enough!” This is all about living life on your terms!

I Need a Power Surge! will show you:

  • 8 ways your power may be leaking—with or without your knowledge.
  • How you may be benefiting from being stuck. Really.
  • Your 5 core values and how they lead to a more fulfilling life
  • A proven method to bring clarity to what you truly want for yourself
  • 3 ways to subdue your Inner Critic and turn the F-word into “Oh, yeah?!”
  • How to say “No” without the guilt
  • Identify action steps to kick start your journey
  • 4 cornerstones of accountability, which increase your ability to make the changes you want
  • Why you need to celebrate your progress
  • A powerful way to welcome what you truly want in your life and say buh-bye to what’s not working
  • and best of all…I’ll show you that you really DO have choices…and that you can live your most authentic and wildly audacious life!

I learned that there are positive, definite steps I can take to move forward. I now have tools to stomp on that negative voice. – Maryann G.

Give yourself permission!

Aren’t you ready to admit that your life as it is, no longer works for you?

Don’t you want to joyously greet each day bursting with energy and delight? Aren’t you really seeking a life that feels more in tune and harmonious? Don’t you desire to feel more empowered and less at the mercy of circumstances? Aren’t you ready to release your most authentic self?

And, the amazing thing is that all of these gifts are waiting for you!

I Need a Power Surge! can be yours for only$47!—that’sless than the cost of a massage. And it will last a whole lot longer!

Isn’t a life lived on your terms worth $47and 3 hours of your time? Consider it an early birthday present, just for you.

Begin. Now.



Gave me the feeling that I can attain more and accomplish those things I have been hedging on. – Darla H.

I’m very excited to show you my 7-step process that is guaranteed to guide you to

redefine life on your terms

identify what you really want in your life

get back in the driver’s seat

set your course

navigate from a place of power


OOPS! Has your Inner Critic joined our conversation? Are you starting to hear all of thereasons why you can’t give yourself these gifts?

I don’t have time…    It’s too expensive…    How can I be sure this will work for me…

I know. You’re already over-committed. You’ve got responsibilities. You’ve made other plans. You want a guarantee that this program will work for you.


My response is:

How many more years ya gonna wait

to live YOUR juiciest life?


The greatest benefit to me was a sense of clarity and appreciation for myself!” – CC

The clock really is ticking

reasons why you need to register…

#1 Why is it that we women always put ourselves last? Just when we find some time to take care of ourselves, we collapse into bed exhausted. We give and give and give. And usually have little left to give to ourselves. This time you can say, “YES!”

#2 When was the last time you did something just for you? A special gift, with your name on it? This program is cheaper than a mani or pedicure—and the effects of what you learn will endure way beyondany nail polish application.

#3 I guaranteethat you will discover things about yourself, including your core values and how to handle your Inner Critic who delights in throwing the F-word your way. You’ll know exactly how to ask for help. And, most importantly you’ll step into action. That’s really what you’re looking for, isn’t it?

The guarantee… If you are not completely satisfied with this program by the end of the 1stsession…. You get your money back! Really.

I Need a Power Surge! will make a huge difference in how you view your life. And I’m so certain of this that I will gladly refund your investment. So, there really is NO RISK for you, at all.

Register now before your Inner Critic gets the best of you.


 Here’s the deal: This is the 1st time I’m offering my program as an Internet class. And that means you get to take advantage of this special, one-time only price!

I know this program works. I’ve seen the effects in the many workshops I’ve held. I’m passionate about helping women reclaim their power and live life on their terms!

My b-i-g goal? to be able to offer I Need a Power Surge! to women everywhere via the power of the Internet.

You can help me do this. And, you get a fabulous program at an unbeatable price!

I want to shortcut your awakening!

This is all about creating a life you love! This is about creating a life…

  • full of possibilities—freedom—creativity—adventure—purpose
  • in tune and harmonious
  • audacious and wildly fulfilling


Isn’t this worth $47and 3 hours of your time?

REGISTER NOW before you forget!


 I was recharged and realized again that the power comes from within. – Judith R.


As Steve Jobs so aptly said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

My promise to you

I Need a Power Surge! will help you build self-awarenessrefine what you really want in your life, and develop tools to keep you in motion on your personal journey to a wildly fulfilling life!

about Robin Anderson…  

Robin Anderson is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), author, blogger, risk-taker, and long-time women’s empowerment advocate. She has used her life experiences to enable women to recognize their inner strengths, claim their purpose in life, and take charge of their destinies.




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