Doors of Opportunity…which will you open?

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We are always surrounded by doors of opportunity. That’s the way life is. Often, opportunities do not come in packages wrapped in the colors we expected. When an unexpected surprise happens, we refuse to see it and so we miss the opportunity. Sometimes we are so focused on a goal far out in the future that we do not see what is right in front of us, or we get so busy hurrying and rushing around that we lose all perspective.

~ Anne Wilson Schaef

lots of doorsI’ve just returned from a nearly month-long trip to Italy and Israel. The trip to Rome, Florence, Naples and Pompeii has been a dream for a long, long time. The excursion to Israel was my husband’s idea.

My first response to his suggestion was anxiety. My thoughts immediately went to would we be safe? My overly active imagination could conjure up all sorts of dangerous situations we might encounter. Did I really want to put myself in possible jeopardy?

I sat with that for some time.

And then I decided: life is short and I may never get this opportunity again.

So instead of dwelling on the “what ifs” I concentrated on the possibilities. I would visit places important to three of the world’s major religions. I would learn about cultures very, very different from mine. I would be in a country where I had no hope of understanding the language. (Yes, I like challenges. And, I discovered many people spoke enough English to help me when needed.)

So, what does my trip have to do with you? And no, I’m not going to bore you with vacation pictures!

Opportunities come our way all the time. Yet most of us seldom see even a small percentage of those presented to us.  Often these opportunities stare us directly in the face and yet we’re so busy focused on the minutia in our lives that we don’t see them or take advantage of them.

There are times, too, when we are so locked into our comfort zone that fear holds us back. This makes it far too easy to miss something new or different.

So, my words of wisdom to you: we have to be ready for opportunities whenever and however they arise. And, we need to be willing to take a risk and welcome them into our lives.


Your Call to Action:

How many opportunities have you had this week? This month? How many did you miss because you weren’t aware of them, misread them, or were living in the future? How can you learn to open your eyes to all of the opportunities swirling around you? Pay attention to today—write down one opportunity that presents itself to you. What are you gonna do about it?

photo credit: heticobai via photopin cc

and here’s me enjoying my opportunity to see the Mediterranean SeaRobin and the Mediterranean Sea Israel


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