I’m good enough!

I’m heading out of town for a much needed vacation in a few days. I’ve been scurrying trying to wrap up everything before I go, so I can really relax while I’m gone. Yet I keep adding to my to do list.

Longer and longer. More and more things. And, yes, I’m still trying to get around to repairing the shelf in my utility room…

As last week drew to a close, the overriding feeling was one of disappointment, thinking I hadn’t finished nearly as much as I would have liked. While I got great satisfaction checking things off my list, I couldn’t help focusing on all of the items remaining.

And then that oh-so-familiar voice began, “You should-a, could-a, would-a got more things done if you had…yada-yada-yada.” I felt the downward spiral starting. I was working so hard, how could there still be so much left undone? And then I noticed that all of my attention was  on those things I didn’t get done. And, I was magnifying their importance.

So, how backwards is that?

Then I allowed the power within me to speak up “Hey, wait a minute! That’s only one perspective. What if I flipped my vantage point? What if I looked at all of the things I did accomplish?”

What if, instead of beating up on myself, I celebrated the many things I had marked “done”? I suddenly realized I had accomplished a lot. But I had been so busy looking at what was left to do, that I had ignored all that I had done. I hadn’t taken the time to reflect on my accomplishments. Instead, I had chosen to concentrate on the negative – the yet to do’s.

Suddenly, my entire outlook changed. My spirits brightened. And, most importantly I recognized that I had done as much as I could do without overextending myself, and I felt satisfied. How cool is that?

Your Call to Action

Where are you really hard on yourself? What would happen if you looked at yourself with gentleness and acceptance? What if you truly believed your are enough, just as you are, right now?



I’m good enough! — 2 Comments

  1. Love this one, Robin – it’s so true! Life is sometimes all about perspective. I find the older I get, the more accepting of myself I become – it’s a great feeling!