December 30 ♥ Celebrate and Complete 2015

It’s a time for resolutions and goal setting for the New Year. And most often we do this without reflecting back on the past year and taking stock of what occurred in our lives.
New Years quote
You don’t want to live a same-old, same-old kinda life, so why would you want to create the same-old, same-old resolutions and intentions?
It’s really important to find the gifts, lessons, challenges and blessings from the year that is ending. In this way we can truly celebrate what has come before and release whatever needs to be so that we start fresh with clarity as our New Year arrives.
My New Year’s gift to you, dear one, is a series of questions to help you examine your past year and open to the possibilities of your New Year.
And, I’d love to hear how this exercise resonated with you!

Now it’s your turn:

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