Create Your Holiday Manifesto — Now!

If you don’t know where you are going,

you’ll end up someplace else. 

~ Yogi Berra


Have you noticed the quick changeover from Halloween to Christmas in stores? Sure, there’s lip service being paid to Thanksgiving, but suddenly we’re being urged to get ready for The Big Holiday Season.


I’ve already seen Facebook posts and newspaper ads that let me know the number of weekends until That Day. Cue the quickening heartbeat and rising anxiety level.


This year I’m not buying into the frenzy. Or the overspending. I plan to ignore the marketing hype. And not overextend myself.

This year’s holiday season will be on my terms. And will be meaningful to my friends, loved ones and me.

This year I will seek joy and camaraderie. I will be present and mindfully take sanity pauses. I will monitor my stress level and when I feel chaos and overwhelm creeping in, I will respond by slowing down, not by pushing even harder.

I will confer with my loved ones now so we can decide what our plans will be during the holiday season. This will help minimize getting swept up into the swirl of partying and rushing around.

I will not compromise my commitment to exercise and meditation. My sanity breaks will be non-negotiable times just for myself. And when old behavior patterns around relatives re-surface, I will remove myself from the situation temporarily and do something just for me.

This year I plan to enjoy the holidays and put more reason into the season.

How about you?


Your Call to Action:

What can you do now to ensure that your holiday season remains manageable? How can you manage expectations? Make a list of 5 ways you will practice self-care from now until the end of the year. And then raise your right hand and swear to practice at least one a day.

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