Congratulated Yourself Recently?

When was the last time you congratulated yourself? I mean, really stopped and noticed that you did something well. And, just to clarify, noticing does not mean just checking it off the never-ending to-do list.

I’m talking about truly paying attention to what just happened. Taking a moment, or even longer, to acknowledge yourself. Things like, “Look, at what I just did!” “Whooo-hooo for me!” “They said it wasn’t possible, but I showed ‘em!” “You go, girl!” There are hundreds of ways to experience this.

Too often we may wait for someone to notice, or worse yet, we just move on to the next thing, always looking forward and never in the right now. Waiting for someone else to validate us usually sets us up for disappointment in so many ways. If they don’t notice, maybe it wasn’t such a big deal anyway. Or if they do notice, they may not show much enthusiasm. Either way we’re let down.

And we don’t take the time to notice either. Nose to the grindstone, next to-do, and next, and next… Why can’t we be our own biggest fans? We’re the ones who truly know what we’re looking for in a compliment, so why not give it to ourselves?

The real juiciness of life comes from savoring the moment. If we’re constantly looking forward, or back, we miss the good stuff.  And the good stuff is happening all the time, all around us. We just need to notice, all by ourselves.

Your call to action:

For the next 7 days, congratulate yourself about something. It can be as mundane as getting up as soon as the alarm goes off, or finally getting that major report written. You decide, but do it daily for 7 days. What do you notice as you pay attention to your accomplishments? What’s the lesson here for you?



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