Choosing Humor

I’ve sold my house and am coping with the myriad details. Sometimes I’ve gotten overwhelmed by the change and consumed by the to-do list. So many people have been tromping through my house, evaluating the place I’ve called home for nearly 25 years.

This past week I was sitting in my home office, working away and I noticed the buyer’s realtor pulling up on the street, followed by a young family getting out of the car. Another car parked nearby as well. Everyone was walking toward my front door.

Yikes! All of the rules as the “Seller” rushed through my brain: make yourself scarce when a buyer visits; always have a “show ready” house; do not interact with “the other side”.

omgs flit through my brain in rapid fire succession: the breakfast dishes scattered on the counter and the table, the messy, smelly litter boxes, the morning paper spread across the couch, the laundry piled haphazardly on my bed, my bras drying in the laundry room, and the fact that I WAS STILL AT HOME!

And, just as the jolt of panic was subsiding, my chimney repairman showed up to join the crowd, quickly followed by my mailman hand delivering some packages.

Here we all were, gathered in and around my doorway. I could have reacted in so many different ways. And then the absurdity of the situation hit me and I suddenly burst out laughing! So I invited everyone inside and began to sort it all out.

I could so easily have resorted to anger about the miscommunication, or broken out in a cold sweat and given in to the panic. I choose humor and that made all of the difference.

God writes a lot of comedy…the trouble is, he’s stuck with so many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny.

~ Garrison Keillor


Your Call to Action:

When have you been unable to laugh at yourself or a situation? What kept your sense of humor at bay? How might it have made a difference?


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