August 19 ♥ Why You Should Choose Important over Urgent

Do you have an ever-expanding to-do list? I sure do! And too often it feels amost of us spend too much times if I will never get it all done. So I push myself harder, as if that was the solution.
Do you find yourself being driven by all of those things that are urgent? Rushing from one thing to the next, frantically trying to whittle down your to-do’s? And at the end of the day wondering where the time went and what you really accomplished of importance?

Been there, done that, too…

How many of those urgent things were really important – to you? To your priorities? To your legacy?
Seriously…are all these urgent things – that you devote so much time to – are they really what you want to be remembered for?
Thought so.
I get that we live in a world where our work/life requires us to complete certain things. And all too often we concentrate on meeting those needs and forget about what’s truly important to us.

We need to remember that our fulfillment is directly affected by how much time we devote to what’s important to us. If we give and give to others and neglect what we value most, what brings us joy, what makes us feel complete, then we are cheating ourselves.

And I’m choosing to give up that bad habit!


Now It’s Your Turn

Make a list of the 5 most important things in your life. Now carry this list with you for one week. Make a note each day of how much time you have spent on each item. What do you notice? What changes do you want to make? Why?

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