Your Inner Child — Let that Girl Out!

I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless. 

~ James Broughton


This blog post is from a very special woman who has used her life experiences to offer inspiration and self-care tips for families who do it differently.


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Let that girl out!

Hopefully we have integrated our Inner Child so well into our adulthood that she can remind us to play, to ask for tenderness and unconditional love; to be wildly creative. As adults we develop many mechanisms of coping, we forget our basic needs—especially the emotional ones. While we cannot function in the world from a childish point of view, in order to be healthy and whole it is imperative to get in touch with the Inner Child and honor her voice.

My daughter recently complained that I didn’t let her do the creative projects, “The way I want to.” It was true. I printed out some project from the internet and lined up the supplies neatly on the table. We were going to make clay necklaces. She wanted to be free and make whatever she wanted instead. I thought, “Why not make something that’s practical?” I relented. I observed my relationship to some of the creative projects I’ve put on hold for years and years because I want it to be practical, perfect. My inner Child could care less! She wants freedom. She doesn’t care what I create or what it looks like. She just wants the freedom to create!

I believe the children in our lives remind us of the Inner Child inside. I invite you to take a look at how they may be reflecting the needs and desire of yours. Mine often challenge me and the people around me, but that’ O.K. I observe and learn to honor that part of me. You should see the look on my daughter’s face when I tell her I’m pushing her bedtime routine a half hour earlier so I can write!


So, who’s Halina Krupka?

Dr. Krupa is a Chiropractor, Flower Essence Practitioner and a Body-Centered Coach. She graduated from Life University Marietta GA in 2005. Her holistic-lifestyle journey began when she was 16 years-old working for a local Chiropractor in New Jersey, but it was long inspired by growing up on a farm in Poland.


Doula training with Debra Pascali-Bonaro gave her a deeper appreciation for the way our children are brought into the world. She has attended births—both at home and hospitals—merging her expertise as a Doula and Chiropractor to help families welcome their bundles of joy. On occasion, she has been called to the NICU to care for babies who have had traumatic birth experiences. She is also a certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Her own bundle of joy was welcomed at home with the support of a Midwife, two Chiropractors, a Doula and a devoted Mama. Yes—it took a tribe of women to support this 20-plus-hours process! Postpartum was a stormy transition into motherhood and it is during this time that Dr. Krupa discovered the value of flower essences and how they address the many emotional storms we must weather as families. She authored an article, The Awakening which appeared in the Holistic Mom’s Network newsletter, and appeared on the TV show Real Savvy Moms to talk about postpartum emotions.

Whole Family Center, her private practice in Montclair, New Jersey as well as her daughter’s health concerns inspired Dr. Krupa to further seek training and experience with neuro-sensitive children. She completed the Bionutritional Care certification process in 2010 with the Hope for Autism organization giving her a comprehensive approach to chronic childhood diseases such as Autism, ADD/HD and Sensory Integrative Disorders. At this time, she also began blogging about inspiration and self-care tips for families who do it differently at

The past few years Dr. Krupa has been integrating all her work—Chiropractic Care, Flower Essences and Body-Centered Coaching—and is finally happy to announce the opening of her new practice, Plum Tree, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She teaches on-line workshops on holistic healthcare for kids, and is available to speak to your organization. To learn more about Plum Tree and her work visit:

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