Ready for Your Do-Over?

So take a deep breath, Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, And start it all over again. ~ Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields   It’s February 23…do you know where your New Year’s intentions are? This question is not about creating a guilt trip for you. Really. I’ve just been checking in on my own intentions, and wanted to present the opportunity for you to do the same. My guess is that your intentions have gotten lost in the busyness of your life. What seemed so feasible with a glass of champagne in your hand, has now probably been delegated to a dark, dusty corner shelf. Or maybe even to the back of your closet. OK, I’ll give you 1.5 minutes to beat up on yourself, but then we’re moving on. tick…tick…tick… Time’s up. Put your whip away, and let’s refocus. Those glorious intentions you had came from somewhere. Perhaps a deep longing for some sort of change. Or a desire to improve something. Or a hope that this year would be better in some way. Hopefully these intentions didn’t come from the realm of “should”, ‘cause that’s a sure sign they originated from someone else’s voice rattling around in your head. So, here’s the good news: I’m giving you a do-over! And do­overs don’t come with guilt or self-recrimination. Yup, no whip included. Do­overs just mean you get to do it…over…again. No penalty box. No pointing finger. Just a simple, do it over. And here’s a reminder – an … Continue reading

Valentines Day — with the Perfect Twist!

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. Charles M. Schultz     While not one of the most famous quotes for Valentine’s Day, it certainly works for me! So, grab a piece of chocolate (if that works for you!) and read on. On Valentine’s Day many people get all caught up in the actions (or inactions) of someone else. Some feel that if they’re not part of a couple, the day is irrelevant. This Valentine’s Day I’d like to offer a different perspective. Radical idea: what if you thought of Valentine’s Day as a day dedicated to self-love? This is an interesting idea for several reasons. No need to rely on anyone else. No need to feel “left out” because you don’t meet the societal prerequisite. No need to have expectations. It’s all within your control. If you honored a day devoted to self-love you could… list the things you LOVE about yourself (no need to wait for someone else to do it for you) choose what you need, right now, to put a smile on your face (no mind reading necessary) eat something stunningly delicious (calories don’t count today) recognize the love you already have around you (think beyond those closest to you) create your own happy place (no electronic distractions) treat your body as the sacred vessel that it is (no comparisons allowed) say “No” (and regain a piece of yourself) celebrate your unique gifts (because the world is waiting for you to share … Continue reading

What a Difference a Word Makes!

The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive,or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther,the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result. ~ Edgar Cayce   On New Year’s Eve, as part of my year­-ending, New Year-­beginning exercises, I chose my guiding word for 2015: “contentment”. I didn’t have to think long and hard about my choice. It just appeared and felt right. But merely selecting the word didn’t feel sufficient. I decided to delve further, to look into why this word seemed appropriate and, and what difference having contentment would make in my life. First, I consulted Mr. Webster to see what he had to say about my word. He offered “the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.” I dug further: “satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.” Bingo! That’s the state of being I want this year! I want to be at ease in all things, to feel satisfied and fulfilled. I want to feel content with who I am, what I have, and how I am being in the world. In other words, I want to embrace “enough”. I can choose to want more, to be new and improved. But in fact I am enough just being the authentic me. I may want other things, but in reality I have enough of what I need. So, what’s been the impact of this exercise? My word choice has become my … Continue reading

Can You Help Me?

Happy New Year! It’s the time for recalibration, new beginnings, a clean slate. I’m doing all of these in both my personal and professional life. And I’d like your help with the biz side of things. Can you spare me 3 minutes of your busy life? I’ve put together a virtual brainstorming session so I can better shape my offerings and writings to your needs for the coming year. I’m curious about who you want to become, what your top issues are, and the things you would like to change in some way in 2015. I’ve put together a very brief survey so you can share your thoughts with me. You probably won’t need more than 3 minutes to complete the survey. Honest. You’ll find multiple-choice options and space to add some more thoughts, too. This survey is anonymous so feel free to answer candidly, and you can share as much or as little as you like. And rest assured, I will NEVER share this information — your privacy is guaranteed! I’d love to hear your input. Take the survey here  … Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Resolution Happens

It is more Important to be of pure intention than of perfect action. ~ Ilyas Kassam It’s time to leave behind what many consider the busiest season of the year and make room for a period of reflection and recalibration. This is a time to focus inward, to carve new paths, and identify the changes you want to make. And yet, many people I have met over the last few days have shared their dread at starting a New Year. They say things like, “I want some changes but I always disappoint myself. So I don’t make resolutions. I can never follow through.” Sound familiar? Mr. Webster defines a resolution as firm purpose or determination. That sounds so inflexible, so final. Either you do it or you don’t. It so often leads to “shoulding” all over your self. But no pressure, right? In my coaching I’m always asking my clients to take a different perspective when approaching a situation. So what if we decided on a New Year’s intention rather than a resolution? After all if we intend to do something it means that we have something in mind that we want to have done or brought about; it’s about a course of action to follow. Intentions focus on the “why” we want something. Let’s take a common New Year’s resolution and see how converting it to an intention can make all the difference in the likelihood of it happening. I like to use the 5 Why’s test for this. … Continue reading