Calling All Martha Stewart Wannabees

Hip, hip hooray! Sound the trumpets! Let the crazy making time of year begin!

Ah, Thanksgiving, when all the family gathers round the festively decorated table and digs in: to the food and to each other.

I don’t know about you, but Hallmark is never going to come to my door and ask to capture my idyllic setting.

As our loved ones draw near, the reruns of family drama begin to play out. You know who’s going to have way too much to drink.  You know who will rehash the family feud. You know your mother-in-law, whom you’re certain never wanted you to marry her golden boy, will be there to remind you of the “correct” way to cook the special meal. Pouty, hyperactive, tired children will race through your house. Tension and agitation will lie just beneath the surface. And you will put on your plastic smile.

Ah, such sweet memories will be made of this!

It’s the time of year when nerves become frayed. There’s too much to do and too many people telling us how to do it. And the media constantly offers up opportunities to compare and contrast how we “should” be celebrating.

Isn’t it time to rewrite the script?

Take some time to set your intentions NOW to increase the likelihood that you will truly enjoy this season, not just get through it.

What does “enjoying the season” mean to you? What will you do for yourself when you feel your blood pressure rising, your temper beginning to flare, or that you are running on fumes? How can you be less judgmental toward your family and friends, and, most importantly, toward yourself?


Call to action

Write 5-10 statements describing how you will be for the next 4.5 weeks. Start each sentence with “I will…” For example, “I will schedule 30 minutes of sacred time for myself every day.”

Where can you post these being statements as a reminder of your intentions? How will you know if you have honored them?

And remember: this is not just another opportunity to beat on yourself. This exercise is to help you consciously choose how you will be. We already are experts at how to do.

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