August 5 ♥ Be the Rainbow in Someone’s Life

Ever have one of those days (or weeks) when everything seems to be going wrong? You start out the day cranky and life just seems to go downhill from there. You burn your toast, you’re late for a meeting, and it starts to rain while your umbrella is warm and dry in your car.

Your keys get locked in your car, the kids are cranky, you missed an appointment and it’s only noontry to be a rainbow
It feels like a dark storm cloud is determined to hover over you wherever you go.Nothing seems to be going your way. And yet you to have to keep slogging away.
I bet most of us can identify with these kinds of situations. It feels uncomfortable, disconcerting and colors how we view everything else in our life right then.
Now imagine that someone comes up to you in the midst of all this doom and gloom and shares a friendly smile, offers some encouraging words or maybe gives you an unexpected hug? How would that have change your perspective?
These people are like a rainbow appearing during a downpour: unexpected and a shimmering, bright reminder that storms don’t last forever.
How wonderful it is that someone could see your unease and offer you hope that things would get better.
This week try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Notice what a difference you can make in one life.

You’ve got a wealth of experiences. Use that wisdom. And rejoice that you are the only one who gets to choose how the story will end.

Now it’s your turn:

Pay extra attention this week to those around you. Who seems to be down? How might you be their rainbow?

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