August 12 ♥ Add Patience to Your Vocabulary

Ah, patience, often looked upon as a virtue by others. But in my life, not exactly a vocabulary word…you probably can relate.

Someone near and dear to me has a rapidly deteriorating hearing problem. You would think that I’d be sympathetic and understanding. I’d be patient.she lost her patience 

Alas, I get frustrated very easily and when I repeat my words I do so with a tinge of frustration and a “what is wrong with you?!” attitude.
How unkind.
If the situation was reversed I would expect the speaker to accommodate me and not belittle my lack of recognition, my need for repetition. After all, it’s not something I can control.
I am all too human, wanting everyone to fit into the neat little boxes I make up in my head. My expectations often get in the way of my showing patience, as in “I’ve just spoken, now reply, dammit!”

I recognize my failings with patience, and I accept that this is not who I really want to be. Now I just need to take action to improve this character defect.

This week I’m going to step up to the challenge!


Now it’s your turn:

Where do you show lack of patience? What are your triggers? How do your expectations play into your impatience? What would it look like to “act as if” you were patient in a particular situation? How might you try this new behavior the next time the situation appears?

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