Aug. 10 ♥ What Is Life Trying to Teach You?

Ever have one of those weeks? Nothing seems to be going right. You’re late for work. The kids dawdle on the way out the door. You run out of coffee. Your son neglects to put gas in your car. Your office feels like it has a swinging door. You’ve got back-to-back meetings, for days.right now my life is just one learning experince after another

Ah, yes. It can feel as if the world is conspiring against you.

But is it?

We’ve all had periods where life has felt endlessly overwhelming. And yet the truth is that we always have a choice.

We can drown in the “omg, why is all this happening to me?” We can rant and scream and bemoan how hard life is. We can throw a hissy fit at how unfair it feels. We can believe the frustration and misfortunes in our lives are a cruel punishment for past misdeeds.

Or… we can take a long, deep breath, step back and then recognize that life is not out to get us, although it can feel that way at times.

Life just is. It’s how we react that’s important.

Slowly I have come to believe that life is trying to teach us some lesson that we haven’t quite yet gotten. Over time I’ve learned that taking that perspective offers me have a chance at figuring out the learning experience designed just for me.

And so my life lessons keep adding up. And maybe by the end of the week I might be a genius, although I think that is highly unlikely!

Here’s to lifelong learning.

Now It’s Your Turn

How do you respond when life keeps throwing learning experiences at you? How could you break the cycle of react and just respond? What lessons might you find there?


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