Are You Juicy Enough?

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”

~ Neale David Walsh

We get up, stumble to the bathroom, and do our morning ritual. We go to work, do our stuff, have too many meetings and then trudge home. We make dinner, have family conversations,maybe throw in a load of wash, have some tube time, check our email one last time, and then collapse into bed.

safe place sign

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Sound familiar?
I bet you could do this blindfolded! Oh, there may be a crisis or two tossed into the mix, but really, aren’t the days kinda similar?

It’s soooo easy to fall into a rut. We put our mind on autopilot. We become comfortable. We settle.

Now, don’t get me wrong—there’s something to be said for comfort and routine. We can get through our day more efficiently. We don’t have to think so much. We know what to expect. Hey, life’s safer this way!

And yet, do you sometimes catch yourself thinking that the same old, same old, is getting, well, old?

You might react to this thought with resignation, thinking that this is just the way your life is supposed to be. Well, heck, other people have it so much harder than you do. So you sigh and move on.

And yet…this feeling keeps nudging you.

What if you took this as a wake-up call from your heart? What if the Universe is reminding you that there is so much more to life than predictability, complacency, and conformity?

What if you’re missing the real juiciness of your life?

So, whatcha gonna do, dear one? Fall into the trap of thinking that this is all your life is about? Or take a leap—baby steps are OK, too—out of your comfort zone and explore the “more” that’s waiting for you?

You get to make a conscious choice here. Oh, and doing nothing is a choice.

Listen: I hear your heart speaking…


Your Call to Action

What benefit do you get from staying comfortable? (Well, if you weren’t getting something from it, you’d stop doing it, wouldn’t you?) What untruth are you telling yourself to stay here? What would add more juiciness to your life? Promise yourself to take one step in that direction this week.



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