April 27 ♥ What’s the Real Cost of Rushing?

I used to love rushing around, often in a frenzy. Zipping from one activity to another. Never time for a bathroom break, or a meal away from my desk, let alone a chance to catch my breath.

I needed the adrenalin rush. The sense of importance I felt because everyone seemed to need me. I felt most alive while dashing everywhere.your best ideas come

Yes, I admit I was addicted to moving at the speed of sound. But a breathless relationship with time didn’t allow moments for reflection, for creativity, or for just being in the moment.

I began to change when I noticed that I have my most creative thoughts while taking a shower. Why? Because for me it’s a disrupter, causing me to disengage. I’m not focused on “how” to take a shower; I’m just doing it, on autopilot. Which allows my brain to relax and lets my subconscious come to the surface. And as I gave my subconscious more opportunities to “speak”, my creativity began to soar.

And I discovered the wonder of my brain: that my subconscious has been doing the heavy lifting, behind the scenes. All I have to do is find a way to disengage and let the ideas rise to the surface.

The important thing is to find a way to put your brain into a relaxed mode. Perhaps it’s washing dishes, vacuuming or folding laundry. All of these activities require little conscious thought, allowing us time to let our minds wander.

And if we continue to rush, rush, rush and skip the disentangling, we‘ll miss out on some of our best ideas.


Now It’s Your Turn

Pick a mindless activity in your life. How can you let go of using that time for planning, to-do lists, etc. and just let your mind wander? What happens when you relax your brain?

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