April 13 ♥ Why You Should Choose Passion over Life Purpose

There’s a misconception about the need for a life purpose: it’s supposed to be the golden path to feeling fulfilled throughout your life. Life purpose means there’s only one path and your job is to find it.

passion is a feelingThe only problem is that we have many selves that make up who we are. So if I had limited myself to just one purpose – one passion – for my entire life, I would have missed out on so many other fulfilling ventures.

I’ve been a young mother, a teacher, a director of a marketing/PR department, a life coach and now an artist. Each of these passions has matched a certain period of my life. And each has fulfilled who I was at that time. I have put my heart and soul into each passion and felt great fulfillment. And yet with each I came to realize that it was time to move on to something new.

As Wayne Dyer says, passion shows up with an air of certainty about it, regardless of our inner critic or the voices of others. I didn’t know that I could create wonderful watercolors but I had the sense to give it a try. I even stood outside my fist class and had a heart-to-heart with my inner critic: “You don’t even know if I’m going to like this. I’ll try it and then decide. Oh, and I plan to have fun in the process!”

And so I discovered the “glorious sensation of joy” and have begun to follow my new bliss. Until it no longer is a passion. Who knows? Maybe this will last the rest of my lifetime. Maybe not.

Either way, passion is ruling my life and it’s a feeling so good it cannot be ignored.


Now It’s Your Turn

What are you passionate about? How is it giving you a sense of fulfillment? Don’t have a passion? What do you really care about? How could this become a passion?

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