And the “rules” Shall Set You Free

Following all the rules leaves a completed checklist.

Following your heart achieves a completed you.

~Ray Davis

Rules help keep society in order.  Where would we be without stop signs, passwords for protected web sites, restrictions on who can proscribe drugs? Rules help keep chaos at bay. They offer protection from harm.  And they define societal expectations.

These are all good things, up to a point.

Rules also can have a different effect. Sometimes people hide behind the rules. “I can’t do this because…” Or, “People expect me to…” And maybe even, “I should because…”

Often we allow rules to govern every aspect of our lives until they’re not just keeping chaos at bay, they’re keeping a fulfilling life from us.

When was the last time you questioned a rule? Or asked yourself, “Who says I have to do thus and so?”

You know, there are Rules, and then there are “rules”.

While I’m not suggesting that you run a red light to test the Rules, I am offering that you stop and question why you are doing something the way in which you are doing it. Or even why you are doing it at all!

Where is the voice coming from that says something MUST be done this way, or BY you, or that some DIRE consequence will occur if you don’t do such and such.

You know, all of life involves choice. Does following the “rules” make sense for you? If so, then consciously choose to do so.

However, if it is habit, a desire to meet someone’s expectations, or just plain fear, then just like Desi Arnaz says, “You got some ‘splainin’ to do.”


Your Call to Action:

How would it feel to break a “rule”? Who would you be if you did? If you knew you would not come to harm, what “rule” would you break? Take a deep breath, and choose to break that “rule” this week! And then, just notice what shifted for you.




And the “rules” Shall Set You Free — 4 Comments

  1. For me it’s hard because I get caught up in what other people will think. What I am learning as I get older is that I’m caring less and less about other’s opinions. My guiding question now are: Does my choice honor my values? Is it a risk I am willing to take? Then I plug my nose, take a deep breath and jump in!

  2. This struck such a deep cord within me…taking me back to a weekend struggling with “rules” gremlins at CTI…and “southern rules” I had been agonizing were there for me then and once again..just when I needed a new perspective and gentle reminder…your impecable timing and wisdom was there for me…thank you! (I also loved how this blog was followed by smart author!)

    • The older I get the more I realize that breaking the rules is OK. There will be no great hand coming down from the sky to punish me. Of course, there are “rules” and then there are rules. Will I park in a handicap space? No. Will I question how to do something? Most definitely. I only wish I had realized this much earlier in my life!