Meet Robin

The quick and dirty:

I’m a long-term women’s empowerment advocate whose passion is helping women regain their power and redefine life on their terms.

The inside story:

I was steeped in the traditions of a woman’s place is in the home. Then the social change of the 60’s shifted my worldview. 

I taught school, because that’s what women did. Soon circumstance forced me to change my career for the corporate world and I chose opportunities for breaking the mold. And, just as I began to own my power, life took me to a college town, where I became the Professor’s Wife.

Now my spirit was no longer willing to be held in check by cultural expectations. I landed a job at the university, doors began to open, and suddenly I could make things happen. Ever the change agent, I impacted technology and business, became very vocal on women’s issues, and created a university-wide women’s mentoring program. Soon my spouse became the “husband of”; I grinned inwardly, and never looked back.

Then I became a widow, turning my world upside down. While marooned in grief, I ultimately found a new, stronger, more confident self. And so I set about helping other women to recognize these traits in themselves.

One thing led to another and I retired from a job I loved to the great expanse of unnamed possibilities. While on a challenging Vision Quest, my life purpose clarified: helping women grow by shining a light on their inner strength and revealing ways to honor their unique gifts. I became a student again, earned the appropriate skills and credentials, and became a Certified Professional Life Coach.

I continue to help women find their voice and their innate power through my book, Reclaim Your Power! become who you were meant to be; my blog, awaken. evolve. become; workshops; life coaching; and other publications.

I have a special place in my heart for women who:

  • need a gentle nudge to manifest their innate gifts
  • are ready to wholeheartedly engage life, on their terms
  • believe they can make a difference in the world
  • restore their inner peace in Mother Nature
  • love cats (OK, and dogs, too), sensuous tea, dark chocolate
  • and an occasional glass of really good wine.

Contact me at or learn more at



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