A Different Holiday Perspective

Many people are looking to the holidays with anticipation and delight. This is a special time of celebration and of joy in being with friends and family. There’s an air of expectation and wonder, regardless of religious affiliation.

Due to the twists and turns of my life, my holidays will not fit the Hallmark card model. While there are many ways in which I could view my situation, this year I am choosing to enter a deeply reflective time. A time of honoring what I do have in my life, rather than what I am “missing”. A time of reviewing the lessons and gifts that have come to me as I have met each challenge. And 2010 wins the Academy Award for the most challenging screenplay.

A significant lesson that I have learned this year is that there really is sunshine in every storm. As Sark so beautifully states it, I am learning to “see in the dark”. And, in order to do this, I need to seek the good in each storm. And, it really is there, although I wouldn’t have believed this truth earlier in my life.

I’ve also learned that grieving over any loss, cannot be rushed or skipped over, or pushed down. Being present with my grief and loss has allowed it to shift and transform. And I have learned to feel glad, no matter what.

This gift of understanding beats any beautifully wrapped package under my tree.

Peace to you in this season of love.

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