May 3 ♥ Keep or Toss? Change the Question…

I have been in this minimizing, clean-out mode for the past month. At first I would carefully consider every item: keep or toss? Seemed straightforward enough. Yet, somehow a “decide later” pile kept appearing. I wasn’t making the kind of progress I had envisioned.

I kept plugging along, knowing that I really had to get rid of some things. So I gave away the clothes that were never, ever going to fit me again. I also got rid of all my professional work clothes. No longer had a need to wear them, so what possible purpose were they serving in my closet?

And then I added those things that no longer support who I am right now. Adios to books on topics that had once interested me; books I would never read again. Farewell to old cards I had received, magazine articles I planned to read, shoes for special occasions that would never be repeated. Things associated with long-ago hobbies. Yarn that was never going to see the light of day as a garment. Good riddance to things I was “going to get to” once upon a time.

Suddenly I have picked up momentum. I have become more ruthless in what I am discarding. And the more I have eliminated the more free and unencumbered I feel. There is more space in my home, and in my being. I am clearing out what no longer serves me or supports who I want to be in the world.

I want my home to reflect who I am now. I no longer need reminders and keepsakes of the past — they live in my memories. I want every item to be carefully chosen because it brings me joy.

So I have changed the question from “What do I need to get rid of?” to ”What serves and defines me now?” That reversal of thinking had made all the difference.

I feel such a sense of lightness and possibility. It’s as if I have made space so that something new, perhaps never dreamed of, can make its way into my heart.

Your call to action:

What no longer serves you in your life? Look at your possessions, your friends, your social activities, the causes you support, etc. When was the last time you actually stopped to consider if these items still serve you? What opportunities might open up if you eliminated what no longer satisfies you?



May 3 ♥ Keep or Toss? Change the Question… — 2 Comments

  1. Perfect day for this to arrive. I am also in the cleaning mode, but also have to think to much about each item. I will be re-reading this each time I take too much time making a decisions. Thanks!

    • Glad this was immediately useful! It’s so much easier to ask, “Does this represent me now?” than saying “Should I get rid of this?”