Seeing the World Differently

Glide through life as if all of creation

is yearning to honor and entertain you.

~ Rob Breszny




Doesn’t that quote just make you joyful? Every time I read it, I smile. How can you NOT have a positive perspective with that outlook?

Yet, I’ll bet you can remember times when you got out of bed in the morning, looked out the window, and groaned because it had snowed, was gloomy, dark, continued to rain, and blah-blah-blah.

It’s so easy to blame our moods on the weather. As if it was in control. ‘Cause putting the blame elsewhere allows us to deflect responsibility for how we view the world. And besides, the weather can’t defend itself, so we can accuse all we want. Right?

And then there’s heavy traffic…just put there to cause us irritation and to give us an opportunity to curse the stupidity of other drivers. Our impatience, we believe, of course, is the direct result of the snarl of cars, the bumper-to-bumper inching forward.

You get the idea. It’s as if the circumstances of life are just put there to annoy us!

But what if we truly believed the above quote? What if we reframed how we view our world, and our circumstances?

Stay with me here. This is not a Pollyanna perspective.

What if everything out there—all of creation—wants to entertain you? And honor you.

Entertain: to amuse, divert, enliven, refresh, or put in a good humor. Honor: to grace, dignify, signify or respect.

Sure, it’s easy to be entertained or feel honored when there’s a rainbow or you’re watching a hailstorm from within a building. Or the sun decides finally to peak out for the outdoor family gathering for your father’s 90th birthday party.

But how about when you’re stuck in traffic? And your first thought is, “#**&^$^$%*^, now I’m really going to be late!” Or the overnight storm means you’ll have to find a different way to work? Or the skies have just decided to open up with a tremendously heavy downpour and you’re wearing brand new, expensive shoes? Or you didn’t get that promotion? Or your child comes home sick, meaning someone will have to stay home and play nurse. Or…or…or…

In all of these situations, you have a choice: take it personally, fume, and become more and more stressed or step back and determine how nature is trying to honor and entertain you.

Can you find the humor? Can you figure out what is being honored? Trust me. There is humor and honor here.


  • You’ve been given time, alone, to think because you’re stalled in traffic.
  • You have an excuse to go barefoot in the rain, which you loved as a child.
  • You get a respite from the current frantic pace in your office because you’re staying home to care for your sick child.
  • You get to observe the futile comedy of drivers as they honk, yell, and try to push forward, as if that will make a difference.
  • You have a chance to actually pay attention to your surroundings when you take that alternate route to work.

Do you see the difference that a change in perspective makes? We get to choose how we see the world. We can view life as hard, everything goes wrong, woe is me…or we can consciously choose to find the humor, the entertainment, an alternative way at looking at a situation.

Wanna join me in wearing a different pair of glasses?


Your Call to Action

Recall a recent incident when you got all bent out of shape. How could you reframe that event? Where was the humor, the entertainment (for you or others)? Can you laugh at yourself? How can you honor your craziness? Has this changed your perspective on that incident?

photo: MrHicks46 on Flickr

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