Can you feel it? The stillness before the whoosh. The sense of anticipation. The newness of the beginning.

The bright, shiny New Year is almost upon us. And with it come resolutions and longing and hope.

And for some of you, I can already hear your Inner Critic starting in on you and the fresh slate before you…

Please — send it packing, in whatever manner is necessary. This conversation is just for you and me. No interlopers allowed.

Let’s look forward and put your own definition on the possibilities for this uncharted New Year.

Instead of looking at what you want for this coming year, let’s change the question.

What is it that will make you most fulfilled in the next 365 days?

On the surface this word means being filled full. But of what?

I believe that fulfillment means being fully alive! This “aliveness” is a wonderful state of being because we can constantly replenish it. The true gift that keeps on giving! Fulfillment also means living a life of no regrets, where we choose our voice over the advice of others.

Fulfillment shows up as satisfaction and harmony in all aspects of our lives. We are choosing what is right for us. (Adios to those voices of others.) Life feels as if everything is properly aligned. We feel whole. We are honoring our values on a daily basis.

The good news (and the bad) is that it means something different to each of us. We can’t clone someone else’s fulfillment. There is no magic recipe.

This is definitely not one size fits all. So, we need to define what being fully alive means for ourselves.

But where to start?

Our sense of fulfillment is based on the choices we make, always. We can choose to move toward a deeply satisfying life or choose to veer from it. And remember: doing nothing to change what bugs us in our current situation is a choice, too.

The takeaway is that you DO have a choice. And you DO deserve a life of fulfillment.

So this New Year I challenge you to choose fulfillment, to fully express who you truly are deep down inside, and make choices that are right for you, where you are in your life right now. Pledge to do what is necessary to be fully alive in 2013!

And unlike resolutions that disappear around mid-February, choosing to live fully happens one choice at a time.


Your Call to Action

How can you most honor your values in the coming year? What first step will you take to create more harmony in your life? What is your heart telling you MUST do this year? How will you manifest the pull you are feeling in your life?


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