Are you living your most AUDACIOUS


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Robin Anderson

If you’re like most women I pose this question to, your answer is a sheepish, embarrassed “No.”

And yet

…there’s this longing, deep inside for the answer to be a resounding “Yes!”

Is this your real truth?

  • Something is out of whack in your life
  • Your dreams have gotten shuffled to the sidelines
  • Too many responsibilities make you feel trapped
  • You feel burnt out and empty from giving, giving, giving
  • And you keep thinking: “When is it MY turn?”

Let’s change your story!

You CAN create a life you love! One that embraces who you really are, deep, down inside. A big, juicy life that emphasizes what’s really important to you!

It’s time to escape your shell and emerge as that butterfly!

Begin. Now.


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July 29 ♥ Owning Your Story

I love Brené Brown and her wonderful words of wisdom. Based on her quote, today’s wisdom is about owning your story. The whole story. Not just the good bits. All of it. Because without all of the details, you wouldn’t be who you are right now. If you leave out the drama, the failures, the lost opportunities or the lost love, you’re missing the wisdom of those lessons. Now, I’m not saying plaster all of these not-so-good bits on billboards across the country. But quietly acknowledge that they are part of your story. Even if there’s pain, loss or regret … Continue reading